History of the Lo Clan

The Lo Village Ancestral home was started by our Grand Patriarch Lo Yuen Lan (劳远兰) and his wife, Kwai Chun Ma (桂珍妈).

Verbal history tells us that they had at least 8 children. Till date we can only trace some descendants of Lo Lai Sun (劳丽生, 2nd child) and Lo Sui Sen (劳瑞生, 5th child).

Lai Sun and Sui Sen must have had business dealings in Singapore around the early 1900’s as their names are listed in the first minutes of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in 1906 as stored in the National Archives of Singapore.

Sui Sen had 22 children, and my grandfather, Lo Fook Seng (劳福成), was third in his family. He had two older sisters making him the eldest son.

Listed below are the descendants of Lo Yuen Lan and Kwai Chun Ma.

Lo Yuen Lan Genealogy


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